Learn English Form of Verbs in Urdu Download PDF

Learn English Form of Verbs in Urdu Download PDF
Learn English Form of Verbs in Urdu Download PDF

Learn English Form of Verbs in Urdu Download PDF

welcome to findhinditips.com,Dear Students,Today we are going to provide you Learn English Form of Verbs in Urdu Download PDF. Learn Verb Forms Pdf Forms of Verb 1st 2nd and 3rd Verb Forms List With Urdu Hindi Meaning Verb Forms Examples. Memorize the most commonly used  Three forms (1st 2nd 3rd) of verb with Urdu meaning for speaking English.


Word Meaning Past Past Participle
Dare جرات کرنا۔ہمت کرنا Dared Dared
Darken تاریک کرنا Darkened Darkened
Dance ناچنا Danced Danced
Daggle گیلی زمین پر گھسیٹنا Daggled Daggled
Dabble بھگو دینا۔پچارا دینا Dabbled Dabbled
Dangle جھومنا۔پیچھے لگے پھرنا Dangled Dangled
Darn رفوکرنا Darned Darned
Dash ٹکرانا۔توڑنا Dashed Dashed
Daunt ڈرانا۔بے دل کرنا Daunted Daunted
Dawdle وقت برباد کرنا Dawdled Dawdled
Dawn تڑکا ہونا۔شروع ہونا Dawned Dawned
Depose تخت سے اتارنا Deposed Deposed
Deposit جمع کرنا۔محفوظ کرنا Deposited Deposited
Deprecate عزر کرنا Deprecated Deprecated
Depress دبانا Depressed Depressed
Deprive محروم کرنا Deprived Deprived
Depute مختار کر کے بھیجنا Deputed Deputed
Derive اخز کرنا Derived Derived
Derogate منسوخ کرنا Derogated Derogated
Defend بچانا۔جواب دینا Defended Defended
Defile ناپاک کرنا Defiled Defiled
Deflect سیدھے راستے سے مڑنا Deflected Deflected
Defy مقابلہ کرنا۔للکارنا Defied Defied
Degrade حقیر کرنا Degraded Degraded
Deify تعظیم کرنا۔دیوتا کا رتبہ دینا Deified Deified
Delay تاخیر کرنا Delayed Delayed
Delegate سفیر کرنا Delegated Delegated
Deliberate غور کرنا Deliberated Deliberated
Deliver حوالے کرنا Delivered Delivered
Demand طلب کرنا Demanded Demanded
Demarcate حد باندھنا Demarcated Demarcated
Demolish مسمار کرنا Demolished Demolished
Demonstrate تشریح کرنا Demonstrated Demonstrated
Demoralize بد اطوار کرنا Demoralized Demoralized
Denote بتانا۔معنی دینا Denoted Denoted
Denounce ملامت کرنا Denounced Denounced
Dress پہنانا Dressed Dressed
Dribble قطرہ قطرہ ٹپکنا Dribbled Dribbled
Drill سوراخ کرنا Drilled Drilled
Derive چلانا Derived Derived
Duplicate نقل کرنا Duplicated Duplicated
Dwell سکونت کرنا Dwelt Dwelt
Dwindle گھٹنا Dwindled Dwindled
Dye رنگنا Dyed Dyed
Drink پینا Drank Drunk

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