IGNOU BA Sociology Study Material (English) Download

IGNOU BA Sociology Study Material (English) Download
IGNOU BA Sociology Study Material (English) Download

IGNOU BA Sociology Study Material (English) Download

welcome to findhinditips.com,In this Post we are sharing you IGNOU BA Sociology Study Material (English) Download For All Competitive Examination. you can download this link Provided below.

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Complete IGNOU notes for Sociology Optional

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ESO-11 The Study of Society [Download]

Block-1 Understanding Sociology

Unit-1 Nature and Scope of Sociology
Unit-2 Basic Concepts in Sociology
Unit-3 Simple Societies
Unit-4 Complex Societies

Block-2 Groups and Institutions

Unit-7 Kinship
Unit-6 Marriage
Unit-5 Family

Block-3 Socialisation and Education

Unit-11 Educational Institutions
Unit-10 Processes of Education
Unit-9 Agencies of Socialisation
Unit-8 Nature of Socialisation

Block-4 Economic Processes

Unit-15 Consumption Pattern
Unit-14 Distribution Processes
Unit-13 Production Processes
Unit-12 Economy and Technology

Block-5 Political Processes

Unit-19 State and Other Institutions
Unit-18 State in Modern Societies
Unit-17 State in Traditional Societies
Unit-16 Stateless Societies

Block-6 Culture and Religion

Unit-24 Norms
Unit-23 Values
Unit-22 Culture II : Diversity and Change
Unit-21 Culture I : Main Characteristics
Unit-20 Religious Beliefs and Practices

Block-7 Social Structure

Unit-29 Social Stratification
Unit-28 Social Functions
Unit-27 Social Networks
Unit-26 Social Roles
Unit-25 Concepts of Social Structure

Block-8 Social Control, Change and Development

Unit-34 Social Development
Unit-33 Social Change
Unit-32 Social Conflict
Unit-31 Social Deviance
Unit-30 Social Control

ESO-12 Society in India [Download]

Block-1 Social Structure – Rural and Urban

Unit-5 Urban Social Structure
Unit-4 Patterns of Urbanisation
Unit-3 Village and the Outside World
Unit-2 Rural Social Structure
Unit-1 Unity and Diversity

Block-2 Family Marriage and Kinship

Unit-9 Kinship-II
Unit-8 Kinship-I
Unit-7 Marriage and its Changing Patterns
Unit-6 Family and its Types

Block-3 Economy and Polity

Unit-14 Regional and State Polities
Unit-13 National Politics
Unit-12 Rural and Urban Poverty
Unit-11 Urban Economy
Unit-10 Rural Economy

Block-4 Social Organisation

Unit-19 Zoroastrian Social Organisation
Unit-18 Sikh Social Organization
Unit-16 Muslim Social Organisation
Unit-17 Christian Social Organisation
Unit-15 Hindu Social Organisation

Block-5 Caste and Class

Unit-24 Backward Classes
Unit-23 Class in India
Unit-22 The Scheduled Castes
Unit-21 Caste – Continuity and Change
Unit-20 Caste Structure and Regional Patterns

Block-6 Tribes in India

Unit-28 Tribes and Modernisation in India
Unit-27 Religion in Tribal Societies
Unit-26 Tribes Social Structure-II
Unit-25 Tribes: Social Structure – I

Block-7 Women and Society

Unit-33 Contemporary Women’s Issues: Health and Legal Aspects
Unit-32 Women and Education
Unit-31 Women and Work
Unit-30 Women’s movements in India
Unit-29 Status of Women in India

Block-8 Social Change

Unit-37 Ecology and the Future of Society
Unit-36 Development Planning and Change
Unit-35 Social Movements
Unit-34 Ethnic Relations and Conflicts

ESO-13 Sociological Thought [Download]

Block-1 Early Sociology

Unit-5 History And Development Of Sociology In India -II
Unit-4 History And Development Of Sociology In India -I
Unit-3 Founding Fathers-II
Unit-2 Founding Fathers –I
Unit-1 Emergence Of Sociology In Europe

Block-2 Karl Marx

Unit-9 Dialectics and Social Change
Unit-8 Class and Class Conflict
Unit-7 Forces, Relations and Modes of Production
Unit-6 Historical Materialism

Block-3 Emile Durkheim

Unit-13 Forms of Social Solidarity
Unit-12 Collective Representations
Unit-11 Comparative Method
Unit-10 Sociology as Science

Block-4 Max Weber

Unit-17 Rationality
Unit-16 Power And Authority
Unit-15 Religion And Economy
Unit-14 Ideal Types

Block-5 Comparative Analysis

Unit-21 Capitalism: Weber & Marx
Unit-20 Division of Labour — Durkheim And Marx
Unit-19 Religion: Durkheim And Weber
Unit-18 Methodology: Marx, Durkheim And Weber

Block-6 Malinowski and Radcliffe-Brown

Unit-26 A Critique of Malinowski and Radcliffe-Brown
Unit-25 Concept of Function -Radcliffe-Brown
Unit-24 Concept of Social Structure Radcliffe.Brown
Unit-23 Magic, Science and Religion — Malinowski
Unit-22 Concept of Culture and Function-Malinowski

Block-7 Parson and Merton

Unit-31 Critique Of Parsons And Merton
Unit-30 Theory Of Reference Group — Merton
Unit-29 Manifest And Latent Function — Merton
Unit-28 Functionalism And Social Change — Parsons
Unit-27 The Concept Of Social System — Parsons

ESO-16 Social Problems in India [Download]

Block-1 Social Framework

Unit-3 Social Problems: The Indian Context
Unit-2 Approaches and Paradigms
Unit-1 Social Transformation and Problems

Block-2 Structure in Transition-I

Unit-7 Changing Family Structure
Unit-6 Urbanisation
Unit-5 Migration
Unit-4 Social Demography

Block-3 Structure in Transition-II

Unit-12 Labour : Children
Unit-11 Labour : Women
Unit-10 Labour : Rural
Unit-9 Labour : Industrial
Unit-8 Unemployment

Block-4 Patterns of Deprivation and Alienation

Unit-16 Violence and Terrorism
Unit-15 Drug Addiction and Alcoholism
Unit-14 Crime and Delinquency
Unit-13 Poverty and its Social Dynamics

Block-5 Identity, Dignity and Social Justice-I

Unit-20 The Aged
Unit-19 Women
Unit-18 Youth: Identity And Alienation
Unit-17 Children

Block-6 Identity, Dignity and Social Justice-II

Unit-24 Ethnicity
Unit-23 Minorities
Unit-22 Scheduled Tribes
Unit-21 Scheduled Castes

Block-7 Ecology and Resources

Unit-28 Role of the State and Other Associations
Unit-27 Forests: Access, Control and Management
Unit-26 Water: Access, Control and Management
Unit-25 Land: Access, Control and Management

IGNOU BA Sociology Guide Books

Explore complete and comprehensive list of IGNOU BA Sociology Guide Books in English and Hindi medium. A category of books of IGNOU BA Sociology dedicated specifically.

The books are prepared and designed strictly in accordance with the syllabus and exam pattern of IGNOU BA Sociology. It comes added with previous years solved question papers.

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